Telemedicine has been introduced into health institutions throughout the Provinces of South Africa. Ophthalmology and Ultrasound were selected for KwaZulu-Natal

  • The South African Telemedicine System
  • Evaluation report on the first phase of the National Telemedicine Systems (NTS)
  • Telemedicine aims to reduce the number of patient referrals from smaller hospitals and community health centers (send sites) to the larger hospitals (receive sites), by giving the medical staff the necessary support they need. This will also be of a great benefit to patients who will not need to travel great distances, but will be able to obtain the necessary treatment in their own hospital. King Edward VIII and Edendale hospital have been selected in KwaZulu-Natal as receive sites. Dialogue and images are sent via ISDN lines from send sites to the receive site where a diagnosis can be done. Send sites can also communicate with each other.

    An examination can done in real time, that is whilst the patient is being examined the doctor at the send site can converse with the doctor at the receive site who is also able to see images of the patient.This is ideal for emergency situations.Where the situation is not as serious the images can be saved and sent by email and examined at a later stage. Institutions have been supplied with the necessary equipment needed, which includes: a PC with large monitor, a large screen TV and a camera

    Seven send sites have been selected for TeleUltrasound, these are: G. J. Crookes hospital, KwaDabeka Community Health Centre, Mahatma Gandhi hospital, Osindisweni hospital, Phoenix Community Health Centre, Port Shepstone hospital and Stanger hospital with King Edward VIII hospital being the receive site.   All the equipment has been installed at the hospitals and training has been carried out. Ms. Prem Moodley at King Edward VIII hospital has been chosen to oversee the Tele-Ultrasound project in KwaZulu-Natal and to promote the use of the equipment in the institutions. This project is slowly developing but as is the case with most new projects, especially when using new and unknown technology there are teething problems which has caused the progress to be less than satisfactory.

    Christ the King hospital and Madadeni hospital have been selected as send sites for Tele- Ophthalmology with both Edendale hospital and King Edward acting as receive sites. Edendale hospital is also involved with the “Fight-for Sight” Tele-Ophthalmology project, which links to National and International hospitals. A decision has been made to pool the resources in order to offer a more effective service to patients. The equipment has not been installed at King Edward VIII and further training needs to take place before Tele-Ophthalmology can become fully operative.

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