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Manager Ms. L.P. Spies
Telephone  033 395 2726
Fax 033 395 3053
Email lenore.spies@kznhealth.gov.za


 Infant and Young Child Feeding Policy


Key Result Areas:

  • Disease Specific Nutrition Support and Counseling

  • Micronutrient Malnutrition Control

  • Nutrition Promotion Education and Advocacy

  • Household Food Security

  • Infant and Young Child Feeding

  • Food Services Management

Services offered by the Programme:

  • Technical

  • Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation on Issues relating to Nutrition

Target Audience:

  • Vulnerable Communities

  • Mothers

  • Children

  • Chronically ill

Legislation that Nutrition component adheres to:

  • Foodstuffs and cosmetics

Achievements of the programme:

  • Conducted first Provincial Vitamin A campaign

  • Assessed and Reassessed all targeted hospitals for BFHI

  • Conducted 2 TOT training on Infant Feeding

Targets for current financial year:

  • Reassessment of all targeted institutions for BFHI

  • Conduct National Vitamin A campaign

  • Conduct 2 training sessions on TOT infant feeding

Information about diseases / illnesses

  • Diabetes


  • Food fortification logo

  • Healthy Eating Guidelines

  • Nutrition and ageing

  • Foods rich in iron

  • Low protein renal diet

  • Fluid restricted diet

  • Peptic Ulcer and Hiatus Hernia

  • Foods rich in Folic Acid and Vitamin B12

  • Brochures and posters

  • Health eating for positive living  / isiZulu

  • Healthy eating and pregnancyisiZulu

  • Food fortification  / isiZulu

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