RK Khan Campus Management

Campus Principal: Mrs J. Reddy


Vice Principal : Mr S.D. Ramlucken

MA, HNRS, NEd, NMan, RN, RAcc, RPsy, RCN

HOD : Community Nursing Science: Mrs O. Basdeo

BA, NEd, NMan, RN, RM, RCN, RPsyN, ICU

HOD : Midwifery Nursing Science: Dr SD Mottian

PhD, MA, NEd, NMan, RN, RM RCN, RPsyN

HOD: Psychiatry Nursing Science and Social Science

MA, NEd, NMan, RN, RM, RCN, RPsyN, Ortho

HOD: Fundamental Nursing Science and Anatomy and Physiology: Mrs R Naidoo

MA, NEd, NMan, RN, RM, RCN, RPsyN


Registrar : Mr K.S. Thambiran

ND in Human Resource Management, ND in Public Management



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