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Clinical Guidelines and Protocols

Update : establishment of clinical and review committees

Resuscitation Council - Algorithms

Children's Health
Expanded Programme on Immunisation

Prevention of blindness in South Africa

Protocols for the management of a person with a Sexually Transmitted Disease according to essential drugs list
Adherence in HIV care and treatment
Adverse drug reaction and product quality problem report form
National Health Care Management Information System
Antiretrovirals: side-effects and resistance
National Antiretroviral Treatment Guideline The prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections in HIV infected Adults
HIV/AIDS in infants and children
Continuum of care: prevention, treatment and care
KZN ARV rollout pre-training questionnaire
The amazing rollout - eligibility criteria and evaluations for adults
Human Immunodefficiency virus
Natural history of HIV infection
Nutrition, HIV and Anti-retroviral therapy
Operational issues for the procurement, storage and dispensing of antiretroviral drugs
Procurement, storage, prescribing and dispensing of stock in the antiretroviral drug programme
ARV use during pregnancy
Drug interactions: ARV/anti-T.B
T.B. and ART

HIV and Aids in Infants and Children
Step-by-step guide for the management of children on ART (4th edition)

Integrated Management of Childhood Illness
General Danger Signs
Rapid Appraisal for all waiting children
Feeding Recommendations
Feeding Assessment
Feeding Problems
Children with Symptomatic HIV Infection
MCI for pharmacists
Current implementation of IMCI in KwaZulu-Natal

Maternal Health
Saving mothers - policy management guidelines for common causes of maternal deaths

Protocol : Vitamin A supplementation in children. Phase 2 - Children 6 - 71 months
Nutrition and ageing
Foods rich in iron
Low protein renal diet
Fluid restricted diet
Healthy eating for Infants
Peptic Ulcer and Hiatus Hernia
Foods rich in Folic Acid and Vitamin B12
Food-based dietary guidelines for healthy South Africans older than 6 years

Child Health Resource Package
Step-by-step guide for the management of children on ART (4th edition)


Essential Drug List

Reproductive Health
National Contraception Policy Guidelines

Women's Health
National Guideline for Cervical Cancer Screening Programme


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