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 Orthotic and Prosthetic Services

Contact Details: Tel:  (031) 460 5331
(031) 461 2887
Physical Address:
Wentworth Hospital
Ocean View Rd
Postal Address:
Orthopaedic Services
Wentworth Hospital
Private Bag Jacobs
Jacobs, 4026
Senior Staff: Acting Manager
Mr Terence Pillay
460 5331
Head of Prosthetics
Mr V Govender
460 5337
Head of Orthotics
Mr M Perumal
(031) 460 5336
Head of Surgical Footwear
Mr S Govender
(031) 460 5334
  Finance Manager
Mr JL Paliem
Tel: 031 460 5351

HR Manager
Mrs Z Zondo
Tel: 031 460 5352
SCM Manager
Mrs DR Ngcobo
Tel: 031 460 5343
Mrs S van Dyk
Tel: 031 460 5343
KZN DOH Orthopaedic services - Orthotics and Prosthetics (main centre) is based on the premises of Wentworth Hospital in Durban with two satellite centers, one in Pietermaritzburg and one at King Edward VIII Hospital.

Together these three centers provide Orthotic and Prosthetic services to the entire KZN province at the respective centers on a daily basis and at approximately 45 outreach clinics which are travelled to either by driving or by flying with the Red Cross Teams once a month or bimonthly.

We have a very dedicated core staff with many decades of experience between them, with some individuals having over 30 years of service to this province.

Vision: Optimal health status for all persons in KZN

Mission: Provision of sustainable, coordinated, integrated and quality, orthotic and prosthetic services to the physically impaired persons of KZN to improve their quality of life

Core Values
Trust built on truth
Open communication
Compassion and Patience
Commitment to performance
Integrity and reconciliation
Transparency and consultation
Courage to learn, change and innovate

Services and products

Orthopaedic Services also known as Medical Orthotics & Prosthetics Services is a well-established KwaZulu Natal department of health government service.

This service is provided to patients with various orthopaedic disorders that are part of a patientís personality, mind, body, occupation, family and home life.

Together with a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) of (Orthopaedic surgeon, Vascular Surgeon, Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Speech/Language therapist, Nurse, Social worker, Biokineticist, Dietician & Family) patients are rehabilitated into independent members of society by our dedicated team of:

Medical Orthotist and Prosthetist (MOP)
A practitioner who provides care to clients who are physically challenged with members of the rehabilitation team by using specialised skills in measuring, designing, manufacturing and fitting of orthosis and prosthesis to support or replace an affected part of the body. They are also responsible for the short and long term care and management of patientís with permanent mobility impairment. Even though patients may still require other MDT assistance, they will have to visit the MOP for the rest of their lives for orthotic & prosthetic devices.

Orthotic & Prosthetic Assistants

Are trained in-house to manufacture and repair all types of assistive devices.

Orthopaedic Footwear Technicians
Utilising knowledge of the human anatomy & physiology more specifically the foot, they cast, manufacture, last and repair different types of surgical boots and special footwear.

Professional Membership
HPCSA (Health Professions Counsel of South Africa)
SAOPA (South African Orthotics & Prosthetics Association)
MOPASA (Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics Association of South Africa)


Orthosis are those devices that are used to correct or stabilize parts of the structure of the body and/or prevent deformities. These can be dynamic or static depending on the prognosis of the patient and they may vary from custom made to off the shelf items.

Upper extremity orthotics:
  • Finger splints
  • Hand/Wrist splints
  • Elbow Orthosis
  • Shoulder Orthosis
Spinal Orthotics:
  • Cervical Collars
  • Spinal braces
  • Corsets
Lower extremity Orthotics:
  • Foot orthosis
  • Ankle foot orthosis
  • Below knee orthosis
  • Knee orthosis
  • Above knee orthosis
  • Hip orthosis
Walking aids:

Crutches, walking sticks, Quadripods & walking frames

Compression stockings:

  • Below knee
  • Above knee
  • Panty hose


  • Inguinal
  • Scrotal suspension briefs
ē Cerebral palsy seats

Surgical Footwear:
Surgical Footwear is custom designed and manufactured to specification for patients who are unable to wear normal footwear. Surgical footwear is designed for comfort, support and also for correction of certain conditions.
  • Club foot
  • Diabetic footwear
  • Congenital deformities
  • Leg length discrepancies
  • Partial foot amputations
  • Elephantitis
Prosthesis is an artificial limb that replaces a missing limb to achieve appropriate functional normality. They are provided to patients on assessment of various levels of amputation & residual limb conditions.

Upper extremity prosthetics
  • Wrist disarticulation (Through wrist prosthesis)
  • Trans radial / Below elbow prosthesis
  • Elbow disarticulation (Through elbow prosthesis)
  • Trans humeral (Above elbow prosthesis)
  • Shoulder disarticulation (Through shoulder prosthesis)
  • Forequarter prosthesis
Lower extremity prosthetics
  • Chopart (Trans metatarsal)
  • Symes (Through calcaneus)
  • Transtibial ( Below knee prosthesis)
  • Knee disarticulation (Through Knee prosthesis)
  • Trans femoral ( Above knee prosthesis)
  • Hip Disarticulation / Hemipelvectomy (Pelvic Prosthesis

Service Delivery Points

As indicated, we serve the entire province at various service delivery points as listed below.

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